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Mediators team

Unlike the guided tours, mediation is primarily a dialogical conversation format of art through communication and exchange of ideas

Since 2013, mediators who help visitors to find their own answers to questions about contemporary art work in PinchukArtCentre. You can meet the mediators in the halls of the art center, to discuss the exhibited works with them, and to share your impressions about what you’ve seen.

Alina Melnychenko
student, culture expert

Lisa Zuy
student, art historian

Anna Smakula
student, culture expert, musician

Inna Rakhmistriuk
student, journalist

Liuba Dyvak
student, art historian

Veronika Yadukha
translator, culture expert

Vasya Skakun

Natalya Zuban

Oksana Petruk
student, historian

Kateryna Lazarevych
student, culturologist

Sasha Vinnytska

Daria Fesechko

Viktoria Aleksieieva
student, culturologist

Daryna Gladun
student, philologist

Natali Linnyk
student, philologist

If you want to become a mediator and...

  • you are interested in the theory and history of contemporary art;
  • observe time;
  • speak English at Intermediate level or higher;
  • can work at least 16 hours per week;
  • want to get your first and unique experience in the biggest center of contemporary art in Ukraine,

then fill in the questionnaire below and we will contact you!

Mediator candidate application form