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Main pageNewsPAC-Talk: «The Future as a Turtle. Responsibilities of the New Generation» Food for Thought in collaboration with CSM

PAC-Talk: «The Future as a Turtle. Responsibilities of the New Generation» Food for Thought in collaboration with CSM

22 November 2013

On Thursday, December 12, 2013, at 19:00 the PinchukArtCentre in partnership with CSM (Foundation CCA) invites to the PAC-Talk: The Future as a Turtle. Responsibilities of the New Generation. This edition of Food for Thought will take place in the vide lounge on the 6th floor of the PinchukArtCentre. Admission is free.    

The Food for Talk discussion will focus on the following questions: how the next generation of Ukrainians looks like and is this generation prepared to shape its own future? Or should it just slowly ride towards eternity as if on the shell of a mythological turtle? What role will be played by the first generation grown in a free, independent Ukraine?

With an intention to engage public in this discussion, all those who wish are invited to ask question on the PinchukArtCentre Facebook page by following the

The most critical of them will be voiced during the roundtable on November 28.

This edition of the PAC-Talk will feature journalist and poet Andrii Bondar, Director of CSM, chief editor of the KORYDOR online magazine Kateryna Botanova, Deputy Artistic Director of the PinchukArtCentre Bjorn Geldhof, executive director of the Yalta European Strategy (YES) Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, and director of programs and projects of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation “Development of Ukraine” Olesia Ostrovska-Lyuta.

The Guardian/ICM poll held in spring 2013 manifested unusual results. Contrary to the expectations, it turned out that the youngest British generation (so-called Generation Y, born between in 1980-1992) favors not leftist (as it used to be in the post-war period), but rather traditional values. The researchers note that being disappointed by inaccessibility of higher education, employment problems and general economic injustice, young people prefer individual strategies of avoiding social responsibility to the once popular in Britain (and in Western Europe in general) collective strategies of fighting for justice and welfare state.

A survey titled “The youth of Ukraine: career” that was conducted at the same period of time by the Gorshenin Institute, despite a slightly different age cross-section, showed a similar result. The Ukrainian youths aged 15 to 21 years old (born after 1991) when choosing between “family” and “career” clearly opted for “family” - 65% against 19%. And the best way of finding a job was defined as “through family and friends” (66%).

PAC-Talk: Food for Thought is a program line within the PinchukArtCentre’s educational platform which is organized in partnership with CSM, Kyiv, Ukraine. It offers regular panel discussions between leading Ukrainian and international professionals from different fields and disciplines related to art. It is a forum to create a thought-provoking exchange and insight into the Ukrainian art within the global context offering a reflection on actual questions in society with connection to the PinchukArtCentre exhibitions.

Taking into account a limited number of seats, we kindly ask you to register for the event in advance by calling +38 044 590-08-58 or via e-mail [email protected]

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About the participants of the PAC-Talk: «Future as a Turtle. Responsibility of the New Generation»:

Andriy Bondar - poet, journalist and translator. Graduated from the Philology Faculty of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Author of poetry book “Spring heresy” (1998), “Truth and Honey” (2001), “Primitive forms of ownership” (2004), “100,000 words about love, including exclamations” ( co-author, 2008), “Metamorphosis: 10 Ukrainian poets of the past 10 years” (collaboration project, 2011), a collection of essays “Carrot ice” (2012) as well as a number of literary articles. Translated numerous works by European authors, including Mariusz Schigel “Make thee Paradise” (2011), Ed Stafford “Walking the Amazon. 860 days. The impossible task. The incredible journey”( 2012). Laureate of the Smoloskyp Publishing House Prize (1997), a member of the pan-European project Literaturexpress Europe ( 2000) and the Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam (2005).

Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze heads Yalta European Strategy - an international independent network promoting the development of a just, democratic and prosperous Ukraine and supporting reforms necessary for Ukraine’s European integration. Since December 2012 she also became the part of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s executive management team, leading International Programs of the Foundation. Prior to that, since October 2007, she worked as a Deputy Director of Programs, and later – as a Director of the International Charity Organization “Open Ukraine Foundation”. For 5 years Ivanna was the Radio BBC Ukrainian Service correspondent in the USA (Washington D.C.) and in the Caucasus (Tbilisi). From 1998 till 2002 she worked for the East-West Institute’s Kyiv Center as a Project Manager and for one year carried out the responsibilities of EWI KC’s Acting Director. Mrs. Klympush-Tsintsadze is co-editor of the book: “Black Sea Region: Cooperation and Security Building”.

Olesia Ostrovska-Lyuta - curator, art manager, Director of programs and projects at Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Development of Ukraine and Chairman of the Board of CSM/Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art. Curator of the exhibition projects “Tenderness”, “Deja Vu", “Changing world – the narrated time”, “Big surprise”, “Restless” etc. Author of numrous articles on contemporary Ukrainian art and culture.


CSM (Foundation Center for Contemporary Art) was founded in 2005 as a public non-profit institution that is successor to the Soros Center for Contemporary Art and the Centre for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA. Its mission is to serve as an open platform for professional development and communication of cultural operators: artists, critics, curators, writers and contemporary art researchers, and offer space for experiments, studies and international collaboration.

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