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"Patriots, Citizens, Lovers..."

Patriots, Citizens, Lovers...  (2015) by the 2014 Future Generation Art Prize winner Carlos Motta was developed in conversation with Ukrainian journalist Maxim Ivanukha and is composed of ten urgent interviews with Ukrainian LGBTI and queer activists who discuss the critical and dire situation of lesbian, gay, trans and intersex lives in Ukraine in times of war. 

Confronted with innumerable challenges, Ukrainian LGBTI citizens are vulnerable targets of a violent homophobic rhetoric and remain largely under-recognized in a context that deems sexual and gender issues minor in light of the serious Ukrainian economic and political crisis. Social invisibility, physical and psychological abuse, political violence, and a deeply patriarchal culture frame the context for the difficult work of LGBTI activists who denounce discrimination and demand the transformation of the system

Patriots, Citizens, Lovers...  (2015) features testimonies by Alexander Zinchenkov, Anonymous, Anatoliy Yerema, Maxim Eristavi, Nina Verbytskaya, Olena Shevchenko, Oksana, Yuriy Frank,Yuri Yoursky and Zoryan Kis and Tymur Levchuk. These eleven courageous Ukrainians relentless activism greatly contributes to the formation of a new and democratic post-Revolution of Dignity Ukraine.

Alexander Zinchenkov (2015)
HD video, sound, color, 16:9
12:56 minutes

Anonymous (2015)
HD video, sound, color, 16:9
8:38 minutes

Oksana (2015)
HD video, sound, color, 16:9
11:21 minutes

Anatoliy Yerema (2015)
HD video, sound, color, 16:9
8:39 minutes

Yuri Yoursky (2015)
HD video, sound, color, 16:9
10:59 minutes

Maxim Eristavi (2015)
HD video, sound, color, 16:9
13:06 minutes

Nina Verbytskaya (2015)
HD video, sound, color, 16:9
10:23 minutes

Yuriy Frank (2015)
HD video, sound, color, 16:9
11:30 minutes

Olena Shevchenko (2015)
HD video, sound, color, 16:9
15:00 minutes

Zoryan Kis and Tymur Levchuk (2015)
HD video, sound, color, 16:9
13:46 minutes