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Runo Lagomarsino

Runo Lagomarsino was born 1977 in Lund, Sweden, and is currently based in Malmö. After studying art at the Academy of Fine Art Valand, Gothenburg, and the Malmö Art Academy, he received his MFA in 2003. In 2006 Lagomarsino held the IASPIS residency at Platform Garanti, Istanbul, and in 2007–2008 he participated in the Whitney Independent Study Program, New York.

Runo Lagomarsino’s oeuvre consists of documentary elements that develop thought around our historical, political and geographical context, which he himself continuously recontextualizes. His interest in the New and Old is driven by a certain relativism, creating a conceptual narrative that allows him artistic and philosophical reflection on historical facts. In his installation for PAC, Lagomarsino combines different elements which all relate to the same central theme, the Horizon: “To return to the Horizon is to remind ourselves of the fact that we cannot make worlds, we cannot imagine a better future, we cannot create a ‘new image of the human’, until we have come to terms with the irrepressible demands of the world we have already created.”

At PAC, Lagomarsino presents a new work group exploring the theme of the Horizon, developing his own artistic position through a complex philosophical and historical background.