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Nicolae Mircea

FGAP 2010 Special Prize and People's Choice Prize winner

Nicolae Mircea was born 1980 in Romania. He studied at the University of Bucharest, where he earned a degree in European Cultural Studies from the Department of Literature, with a final thesis on the House of the People. Afterwards, he enrolled into an MA on the Anthropology of Space within the Ion Mincu Institute for Architecture, Bucharest. Nicolae currently lives and works in Bucharest.

Nicolae Mircea has developed a distinctive body of work researching the economical and socio-political structure of Bucharest through anonymous interventions in public space. He reflects on the social consequences of consumption, urban legislation and architectural production. In his latest work, Mircea continues this strategy, but investigates the urban identity of a city in constant cultural and economical shift by bringing the outside public space inside the museum institution.

At PAC, Mircea will create a reflection on the political and social history of the city Bucharest by reproducing four kiosks originally built between 1986 and 2000 and combining them with a new film.