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Love kills! Themed social animation contest on anti-AIDS fight

18 June 2014

Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and the 9th International Festival of Contemporary Animation & Media-Art LINOLEUM are proud to announce a themed social animation contest on anti-AIDS fight.

The special prize award will equal to USD3000 spent towards equipment and/or soft purchase on winner’s discretion.

The contest is an integral part of LINOLEUM festival. All entries must fully comply with the Festival’s technical requirements and guidelines.

The Festival welcomes work entries that represent the author’s artistic vision rather than social advertisements or public service announcements.

‘Love kills’ is the theme of the special contest.

During the last five years unsafe sex has become the main way of transmitting HIV in Ukraine. Love, which is associated with joy and life, becomes a symbol of a mortal disease. Collision of the opposite elements of love and death through unsafe sex and infecting with HIV is the theme of the contest.

Deadline: contest entries are accepted until 14:00 (local Kiev Time, EEST, GMT +3) on August, 1, 2014. The Organizational committee will inform of the entries selection results no later than August, 15, 2014.

Contact information: [email protected].

Should you need more information on HIV/AIDS or any other contest-related topic(s) please do not hesitate contacting Pavel Piminov, Communications Director at Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation, [email protected].

Legal terms of contest participation. By submitting their work(s) for the contest participation the entrants thereby confirm that from the moment they send their work(s) to the e-mail address mentioned as the contact information section they transfer nonexclusive proprietary rights for these work(s) for educational (non-commercial) purposes to Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation with no limitation as to the ways, time and territory these work(s) can be used. Such transfer of rights may also be executed as a separate document.

This contest imposes no limitation on participant’s age, professional level and geographical location. Both individual authors and creative teams (including animation studios and creative agencies) can participate. The number of works each participant can enter the contest with is not limited.

Guidelines and technical requirements for the contest entries are available from the web-site of the Festival and Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation web-site.