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Exhibition of the 20 nominees for the PinchukArtCentre Prize

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Photographs provided by the PinchukArtCentre. 2009 © artist. Photographed by Sergei Illin

Mykyta Kadan. #3 From the Series Scene of Action
Mykyta Kadan. From the Series Mushrooms
Oleksiy Saj. Mold
Oleksiy Saj. Sphere of segmentation. Excel-art
Olesia Khomenko. Untitled. From the Series Gigants
Olesia Khomenko. Pyramid, from the Series Wonderland
Myroslav Vayda. Five Years of Winter
Myroslav Vayda. Strings of the memory
Andriy Halashyn. Macys & Shooting red balloons. From the series War Fashion
Andriy Halashyn. Ready to the picture. From the series War Fashion
Andriy Halashyn. Berlin. From the series War Fashion
SOSka. I Have a Dream / I Do not Know
Lada Nakonechna. Three viewpoints towards a common field and three opportunities to acquire it
Lada Nakonechna. Dear Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Can We Ever Give Up the Sweet?
Hat. Our Family Portrait
Hat. Life
Artem Volokitin. "Katya" and "Maksim". From the series Teenagers
Artem Volokitin. Hero. From the Series Hero
Ivan Chubukov. Untitled
Ivan Chubukov. Theory of Everything
Maya Kolesnik. Untitled
Maya Kolesnik. Liquid Sky
SYN. Photosynthesis
SYN. Enlightenment
Volodymyr Kuznetsov. The gift
Volodymyr Kuznetsov. The gift
Zhanna Kadyrova. Fracture
Zhanna Kadyrova. Fruit
Oksana Protsenko. Kate SL
Oksana Protsenko. City 1
Gamlet Zinkivsky. Vinyl – Art
Gamlet Zinkivsky. Zebra – Paris
Oleksiy Salmanov. Eclipse – China
Oleksiy Salmanov. Lights Out
Masha Shubina. Моя релігія. Фрагмент
Masha Shubina. I am a visual explanation of sound