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25 April 2008
Author: Оксана Савченко
Source: Газета 24
24 April 2008
Source: Корреспондент
16 April 2008
Author: Кліш Тетяна
Source: Газета по-українськи
15 April 2008
Source: Коммерсант
15 April 2008
Author: Дмитро ДЕСЯТЕРИК
Source: День
15 April 2008
Author: Бахарева Таисия
Source: Факты
15 April 2008
Author: Ольга КЛЕЙМЕНОВА
Source: Киевские Ведомости
31 January 2008
The 52nd International Art Exhibition, first and last stop of the Grand Tour 2007, closed yesterday, November 21st , with an outstanding result in terms of visitors: 319,322 people attended this year's exhibition within its 165 days. This has been the most attended Biennale of the past twenty-five years and one of the most visited in the whole history of the exhibition.
Author: John Black
Source: Bloomberg
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