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20 June 2008

The Rolling Stones might have cancelled their big Republican Stadium concert last year and played a show in the Czech Republic instead, but now Kyiv can start getting ready to welcome another titanic rock act - Paul McCartney

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18 June 2008
Author: Сергей Минаков
Source: Экономические известия
14 June 2008
Author: Борис Барабанов
Source: Журнал «Weekend»
10 June 2008
Author: Алексей Титаренко
Source: Тайм Аут
25 April 2008
Author: Оксана Савченко
Source: Газета 24
24 April 2008
Source: Корреспондент
16 April 2008
Author: Кліш Тетяна
Source: Газета по-українськи
15 April 2008
Source: Коммерсант
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