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Pilar Quinteros (Chile)

Pilar Quinteros


Pilar Quinteros was born in 1988 in Santiago, Chile. She holds a BA from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2011), where she has worked over the past few years as a teaching assistant. She first started exhibiting in 2010 and has participated in a number of group shows in Argentina, Chile, Spain, and the USA since then. Her solo shows took place, among other venues, at Contemporary Art Museum in Santiago, Chile (2010) and Centro Social La Tabacalera, Madrid, Spain (2011). The artist received the 2012 Jean Claude Reynal Scholarship from the Fondation de France and the Fine Arts Museum of Bordeaux.


Pilar Quinteros. “Friendship of Peoples Fountain”, 2014

Watch photogallery from perfomance by Pilar Quinteros