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Inclusive Programmes

PinchukArtCentre invites adults and children with mental illnesses (impeded psychoverbal development, learning difficulties, Down syndrome, autism).

Our classes and guided tours will help the participants to join the cultural process, to get acquainted with the world of contemporary art, that opens new perspective on well-known objects and phenomena.

Guided tours

For students, rehabilitation centres and organized groups we created special guided tours, ajusted for people with special needs and abilities. Guided tours are conducted in Ukrainian or Russian. Age of participants is not limited.


Every Sunday at 15.00 and 17.00 PinchukArtCentre invites 3-11 and 12-17 y.o. children, their friends and families to theoretical and practical classes in Education Room on the 5th floor. The participants focus on a certain subject, explore different artworks in exposition rooms and create their own artworks.

Free attendance. Registration to the nearest lesson by the link

The aims of the classes are:

  • socialization of children with special needs through the adaptation to unusual social environment, creation of communicative situations, experience of discovering new space;

  • social integration of children;

  • development of sensory-motor and cognitive spheres of children’s psyche and their communicative skills, widening the vision of the world around us;

  • harmonization of psycho-emotional state with the help of artworks, stress relief, lowering the level of anxiety through creative process;

Independent /individual visit

To feel comfortable during your visit to PinchukArtCentre we advise you to get ready for it in advance. You may find useful the following pieces of advice:

  • discuss with your child the main rules of conduct in museum;

  • be ready for some rooms to be noisy and crowded;

  • keep track of your inner state. Your anxiety and lack of confidence can influence your children’s behaviour in unusual situation and in presence of unknown people

  • at home look through with your child the photos of our exhibition published on our website

  • choose some works, discuss the materials used by the artist and their possible size

  • choose some photos of the artworks and let your child find the original in the art centre (by him/herself or with your help);

  • using the list of celected photos of works you can create a tour map, where your child cancan mark their progress throughout the tour;

  • when back at home look through and discuss the photos of works, sum up your visit to PinchukArtCentre

Use The Social Story

The Social Story explains to your child how to act in certain situations. By using it, you can easily prevent undesired conduct and explain to your child, what s/he can expect during your visit to PinchukArtCentre.

Social story