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“Blanket, Garden, Tower, Cross, Fate”, Solo Exhibition of Pavlo Makov in the context of РАС-UA
19 May 2012 - 17 June 2012

The PinchukArtCentre presents the 6th PAC-UA show featuring Ukrainian artist  Pavlo Makov Blanket, Garden, Tower, Cross, Fate”. Makov’s solo exhibition brings together his strategy of collecting and repeating, his interest in the memory, and fascination with gardens. It becomes a show about identity and belief which is captured in little figures, forms, and structures of the unique prints representing a cross, garden, tower, and fingerprints.

Talking about the project, Pavlo Makov says: “The suggestion of having an exhibition here in a way brought me to a new idea, as I had a few big projects in my mind which I always wanted to realize. One was The Blanket of Memory made of money, one was about small gardens, another was the project with towers, the other one was with crosses and finally the one with a fingerprint. And it struck me that I will never have enough time in my life to make all of them in the size I want, and I started thinking about concentrating them all in one project, bringing them together. They all will belong to one time and to one place, which is fantastic. Five projects in one.”

Bjorn Geldhof, artistic manager of the PinchukArtCentre: “Pavlo Makov represents unique artistic position in Ukrainian art scene, thinking in advanced way about archival idea, about collecting, and how the act of repetition in the printing process creates meaning. Printing for Makov is a form of fragmented writing of his own diary.”

The exhibition is open on the 5th floor from May 19 to June 17, 2012.   

PAC-UA is a special programme line to present new produced works of Ukrainian artists embedded in the context of the Collection Platform, aiming to research ongoing artistic processes within the country and support strong and long-term collaboration between the PinchukArtCentre and the artists. With its project, PinchukArtCentre presents a dynamic and flexible program for Ukrainian artists that is showcased on the 5th floor for a period of one month. Since its launch in 2011, the exhibitions by Vasyl Tsagolov, Arsen Savadov, Oleksandr Roytburd, Iliya Chichkan, and Mykola Matsenko were showcased at the PAC-UA.  

On May 22, 2012, at 19:00 Pavlo Makov and Olga Balashova, art expert, curator, and media theorist, will lead the PAC-UA Talk dedicated to Blanket, Garden, Tower, Cross, Fate project. The event will take place in the PAC-UA space on the 5th floor of the art centre.   

Pavel Makov received his artistic education at the Crimean Art College, Painting Department, Simferopol (1974–1979), Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg (1977–1978), Kharkiv Art and Industrial Institute, Graphic Department, Kharkiv (1979–1984). He was awarded the Prix d’honneur, Concours du 3ème Millenaire (Chamalieres), the Golden Book Prize, Scripta Mannet (Tallinn) and others.

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