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Emily Wardill

Emily Wardill was born 1977 in Rugby, UK, and today lives and works in London. Wardill has exhibited extensively both in Britain and abroad. She is a Senior Lecturer at Central Saint Martins College of Art. In 2006 Wardill featured in the Art Now Lightbox programme at Tate Britain. Her films have also been screened at film festivals internationally, including Oberhausen, the New York Film Festival, and the London Film Festival. The most extensive exhibition of Wardill’s work to date, windows broken, break, broke together, opened at de Appel, Amsterdam, in 2010.

Emily Wardill has a strong interest in historical sources, philosophical texts and the history of theatre. These elements influence her film work, which uses a visual language that is always reflecting on cinematographic systems, giving added meaning to her narrative. Wardill thinks about the image as inseparable from its soundscape, using sound as an antipode to the image. She investigates her characters in specific social models analyzing the social games and interactions. Her films uncover language systems interwoven with political systems as well as the systematic defence each individual puts up in interaction with another. Wardill leads a psychological investigation on how human nature in a “risk society” creates illusions that come to be regarded as reality.

Wardill has made the radical choice to show sketches of an unfinished film project at PAC, opening a work in process to the public for the first time. She combines this with her most recent work, Game Keepers without Game.