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Ivan Svitlychnyi

Born on December 16, 1988 in Kharkiv. 2005-2006 - studied in studios of V. Kochmar, V. Shaposhnikov, V. Kulikov, G. Ivanova. Currently studies at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. In 2009, collaborated with V. Kokhan. Since then the following projects has been created "Moulds and sweets," "Documentation", "Crumpled sketches," "Lamps" and etc. He is a founder and curator of art selforganization "01011101". Resides in Kharkiv.

Selected exhibitions:
2010 – launch of "Heating Season" project, «ТЕЦ» art centre, Kharkiv, Ukraine;
2010 – "First project 01011101", Creative Exposition Centre (as part of selforganization "01011101") Kharkiv, Ukraine;
2009 – Solo project "Stool, or Stool", Kharkiv State Gallery, Ukraine;
2009 – Solo project "Factory premises", Kharkiv House of Artists (as part of project series "You've got a text message" by different authors). Received an award "For sculpture innovations".