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R.E.P. (revolutionary experimental space) was founded in 2004. Since the beginning of 2006, the group includes six artists: Lesia Khomenko, Mykyta Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Ksenia Gnylytska, Lada Nakonechna and Volodymyr Kuznetsov. In the same year, R.E.P. started its own curatorial programme named “Shtab” (Headquarters). In 2008 it initiated HUDRADA, a curatorial collective based on interdisciplinary communication. The artists had solo exhibitions at PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv (2008), and the Kunstraum in Munich (2010). R.E.P. participated in group exhibitions at the Kunsthalle in Vienna (2005), the 52nd Venice Biennale (2007) and White Box, New York (2010). 

Much of R.E.P.’s work takes on the form of social activism, accompanied by a critical artistic and intellectual discourse. The group uses films, installations and performances to reflect on the social-cultural and political context in Ukraine. Within the undefined and still developing social environment, there is a search for an own Ukrainian cultural identity together with a yearning for Western values and structures. R.E.P. explores specific cultural and architectural trends in Ukraine from that tension field between the West and an own cultural context with a sense of humour and deep irony.

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For the PinchukArtCentre R.E.P. continues the group’s idea of Euro Renovations with a new installation, which explores the ways post-Soviet spaces are converted following an aesthetic that from an old soviet perspective appears to be in a Western style.