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Open Group

Was founded in Lviv in 2012 by five Ukrainian artists: Yuriy Biley (born 1988 in Uzhorod), Anton Varga (born 1989 in Uzhgorod), Pavlo Kovach (born 1987 in Uzhgorod), Yevgen Samborsky (born 1984 in Ivano-Frankivsk), Stanislav Turina (born 1988 in Makeevka in the Donetsk region). Over the past year, they have participated in several exhibitions including the Lviv Biennale and the Krendents festival in Vinogradiv.

In a process of building temporal, open “galleries” in public places, Open Group creates space, both physical and psychological, to engage artistic discourse and question the gallery as a curated and/or commercial space. Open Group consists of five founding members but continuously invites “anyone” to join the group and contribute to its artistic output.

For the exhibition of the 20 shortlisted artists for the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2013, Open Group presents a special project continuing their practice of an open and continuous discourse, questioning the position and relation between the viewer, the artist and the work.