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Research platform: Anna Zvyagintseva. Misplaced Touches in the context of РАС-UA
27 October 2017 - 6 January 2018

PAC-UA presents the 6th project - a solo exhibition by Anna Zvyagintseva. “Misplaced Touches” is based on the idea of a trail, a trace, unconsciously following somebody else’s path, and paths that emerge from our imperceptible touches. In her works, the artist often makes manifest imperceptible, impalpable facets of our lives, showcasing their fragility and documenting elusive intangible moments. 

“Misplaced Touches” features sculpture, graphic art, installations and animation, as well as found photographs of imperceptible touches in public and private life, from maternal to civic, discovered on social media. These ostensibly abstract works document and highlight elusive but physically lingering touches that exist on the plain of sensuous experience. The artist transforms this experience through the lens of various art media.

The monumental installation is based on a found photograph. The artist seems to anonymize the bodies, discarding their volume. The installation’s line connects the two exhibition spaces, turning into a line of contact, a metaphor for one territory’s or one body’s infringement on the other. The artist anonymizes these territories, stripping them of physical dimensions. The line remains a visible boundary for the act of infringement/touch, leaving the possibility of memory and memory traces of physical interactions. 

Anna Zviagintseva was born in 1986 in Dnipropetrovsk. She lives and works in Kyiv. She graduated from the National Academy for fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, Easel Painting Section. Member of the Hudrada curator group, co-editor of online publication on art, letters and translation. Shortlisted artist of the MUHi 2010 young Ukrainian artists contest and the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2013. Winner of the special prize and of the Public Choice Prize under the PinchukArtCentre 2015 contest. In 2015, she represented the National Ukrainian Pavilion at the 56th Biennale di Venezia as part of the group exhibition “Hope”.

Curator of the exhibition is Tatiana Kochubinska.