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Vernissage of "The Forbidden Image" Exhibition

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Photographs provided by the PinchukArtCentre © 2019. Photographed by Sergey Illin.

Guests at the vernissage
Dmitriy Logvin, executive director of PinchukArtCentre
Guests at the vernissage
Svetlana and Nataliya Libet
Oleksiy Ryabchin, PM
Volodymyr Ovcharenko, founder of the contemporary art auction VLADEY and Dmitriy Logvin
Exhibition curators - Björn Geldhof, Alicia Knock and Martin Kiefer
Guest at the vernissage
Evgeniy Karas and Maria Lanko, gallery owners
Olexiy Tarasov, chief editor, Buro 24/7 Ukraine
Anya Belous, chief editor BZH with Yaroslav Solop, artist
Nikolay Matrosov,
Vadim Khudoliy, photographer and Lina Nechipolina, Сover №1
Maria Lanko, gallerist and curator, "The Naked Room"
Mikhail Tsarev, executive director of StarLightMedia with Volodymyr Ovcharenko
Stanislav Gurenko, director with Yana Altuhova, founder of Red Glass production studio
Sergiy Bratkov, artist with Volodymyr Ovcharenko
Yasya Khomenko, designer and founder of RCR Khomenko with Lesya Khomenko, artist and curator
Vlad Zadyraka, Dj
Zhanna Kadyrova, artist
Martin Kiefer, curator of the exhibition
Georgiy Senchenko and Ilya Chickan, artists
Sergiy Bratkov and Ilya Chickan, artists
David Teboul, director
Alicia Knock, curator of the exhibition, Larion Lozovoy, artist and Ksenia Malykh, curator of Research Platform
KSenia Palfi, model and DJ
Boris Mikhailov, Roman Pyatkovka and Vita Mikhailova
Sergiy Melnichenko, photographer with Tatyana Mironova, gallerist
Pavel Makov, artist
Nikolay Karabinovych, artist with Tetyana Kochubinska, curator
Guest at the vernissage
Guest at the vernissage
Guest at the vernissage
Yana and Zenko Aftanasiev, founders of the Zenko Foundation
Lesya Donets, PR at Litkovskaya, Anya Belous and Maria Migotina, editor in chief, L'Officiel Ukraine
Oleksandr Solovyov, carator and art critic with Volodymyr Ovcharenko, founder of the contemporary art auction VLADEY
David Teboul, Martin Martin Kiefer, Vita Mikhailova, Suzanne Tarasiève, Alicia Knock and Björn Geldhof
Noemi Smolik, journalist, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung with Dorian Batycka, journalist, Hyperallergic