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Fragile State exhibition0Mb, 3:22Min

The PinchukArtCentre is proud to present “Fragile State” - a major international group exhibition with 10 leading artists including Marina Abramovic, Jan Fabre, Urs Fischer, Douglas Gordon, Damien Hirst, Carlos Motta, Oscar Murillo, Santiago Sierra, Barthelemy Toguo and Ai Weiwei. A Fragile State often reveals a delicate moment of vulnerability and might be an accurate description of the world around us. The notion of Fragile State reflects upon the fragile state of the world order, or in a more abstract sense it refers to ideological, cultural and social vulnerabilities. But it is equally a notion that can be understood in a deeply personal sense, the fragility of body and mind. This exhibition meanders systematically in between those different definitions of the Fragile State. It provokes conversations linking the fragility of our body and mind, and the fragility of ideologies and historical understandings. It draws parallels between the fragility of youth and that of a country at war conflict or the fragility of life and that of a State at risk.

Public lectures by artist Marina Abramovic
Public Lecture by Pascal Gielen “Fragile Territories”
Lecture by Yaroslav Hrytsak "Fragile world: indeed and from when?"
Lecture by Oleksandr Ivashina
Lecture by Boris Khersonskiy "Glass man: psychological fragility"