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Sam Taylor-Wood and ‘21 Russia’

21 January 2009

Always ready to surprise the art-loving Kyivans, PinchukArtCentre opens a new season with two exhibitions. One is a personal art show by Sam Taylor-Wood and the second is “Russia 21,” a collection of modern artists.

Photographer Sam Taylor-Wood is not new to PinchukArtCentre. Her works were already presented at the gallery, as part of the selected photos from Elton John’s collection and “Reflection” exhibitions. Taylor-Wood was born in London in 1967, graduated from Goldsmith College in 1990 and lives in Great Britain. Since her debut personal exhibition in 1995, she has displayed her works in many famous galleries around the world and was among artists representing Ukraine at the Venetian Binennale in 2007, with the project “Poem about Inner Sea.”

The personal exhibition of Sam Taylor-Wood features new video and photo works that have already been exhibited elsewhere with great success. It also includes the video “3 Minute Round” to be premiered in Kyiv. Also the works include video installation “Sigh” based on a performance of a Symphonic Orchestra; photographs of “Bram Stoker’s Chair III” and “Escape Artist” series, and “Self Portrait Suspended,” and video art works “Last Century” and “Servant,” shown at Venetian Biennale 2007.

“Russia 21” is a collection of post-millennium art from 21 Russian modern artists, created during the last eight years. The works include large-scale projects, paintings and installations, all assembled in an exposition according to the contrast principle — young artists are displayed next to the very famous, new works, accompanying those already shown at international art forums. The project itself is focused on collisions in trends, generations, themes — representing the art scene of modern Russia.

Author: Alexandra Matoshko
Source: Kiev Post