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Parcommune. Place. Community. Phenomenon

The book has been based on the research that preceded an eponymous exhibition that was held in October 2016.

The book includes articles that reveal the squat’s history, analyse exhibition activities of its members and explore the importance of Parcommune as a phenomenon in whole. All the information is presented in the historic context of the late 1980s and early 1990s, and supported with archival materials collected by the Research Platform team from the Ukrainian art scene figures.


Anna Smolak in a conversation with Tatiana Kochubinskaya

Tatiana Kochubinskaya interview with Anna Smolak about the project “Reconsideration”, where she was invited as a curator, project of Lada Nakonechna «Exhibition», curatorial work and institutional criticism in general.

The Research platform: "This is not a story of monopolization, it's about establishing ties"

Vera Baldinuk's conversation with the organizers of Research Platform Anna Vasik (head of the educational and research department), Tatyana Kochubinskaya (curator of national exhibitions) and Olga Tikhonova (consultant of the educational and research department, ex-head of the educational and public program) about the tasks and directions of the platform: research and exhibition activity, public program.

Lesya Khomenko: "To understand is to win" 

Interview of Tatiana Kochubinskaya with the artist Lesya Khomenko, her creative search of the last few years and her project "After the End" in the frame of “Guilt" exhibition in PinchukArtCentre.

Masoch Fund: "Artist can not be a historian. He can be a historical speculator”

Interview of curator of the exhibition "Guilt" Tatiana Kochubinskaya with participants of the artistic team of the Masoch Fund - Igor Durich and Igor Podolchak. Text covers the following topics: the emergence of the Masoch Fund, what determines the political direction of the team's work, works presented at the exhibition "Guilt"

Sergei Solonsky: "My grandfather sold a cow to buy a Zeiss lens”

Interview of Igor Manco with Kharkiv photographer Sergey Solonsky, about personalities and events connected to the Kharkiv photography of the 1990-s, his work, exhibitions and methods of shooting.

Valeria Trubina: "We expanded the space, allowing the viewer to enter there”

Interview of Kateryna Yakovenko with the artist Valeria Trubina - one of the members of the "Paris Commune" squat, about her student years, the birth of "transavantgarde", personal works and the life of commune.