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Jorinde Voigt

Jorinde Voigt was born 1977 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She graduated after Multimedia Studies with Prof. Moebus at UdK Berlin (1999–2000), Visual Art Studies at the Royal College of Art, London (2001), Visual Culture Studies with Prof. Sieverding at UdK Berlin (2003) and Visual Culture Studies, Photography, with Prof. Sieverding at UdK Berlin (2001–2004). She has received the Bosch Rexroth Prize, the Otto Dix Prize, Gera, and the Residency Program of the B. H. Watermill Foundation, New York. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

Jorinde Voigt has developed a scientific system of dogmatic limitations that forms the grid of her drawings. Each drawing series follows the same limitations. Her conceptual works are closely linked to the grammatical structure of languages and the notation of music. Using a scientific approach and precision, Voigt investigates drawing. Her work unveils dynamical structures that can be found all around, in our body, in social, political and architectural structures, in our own physical experiences. For her botanical garden work, she uses a strategy of objectifying her subjective experience, recreating it through a fixed system of registration and evaluation. Voigt creates a daring new group of drawings for PAC, including a specially created Botanic Code of Kiev.