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Artem Volokytin

Artem Volokytin was born 1981 in Chuguiv, in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine. He graduated from Kharkiv State Academy for Design and Arts. In 2009, he won the main prize in the competition for the PinchukArtCentre Prize. He currently lives and works in Kharkiv.

Artem Volokytin is a full-blooded painter who researches the body as a physical presence on canvas. His painting technique looks to create light through the paint. His work becomes an investigation of the human body as a monumental and spiritual hero. Volokytin disconnects his figures from the real by figurating them in a void. The emptiness of the background emphasizes the absence of context and increases the tension between a void and physicality, introducing a sense of sublime into the flesh.

At PAC, Volokytin presents a new series of paintings exploring the central themes in his work, the body and the void.