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Main pageNewsPinchukArtCentre presents free lectures on “Fate of cities in the times of post-traumatic changes”

PinchukArtCentre presents free lectures on “Fate of cities in the times of post-traumatic changes”

6 April 2015

In April, the PinchukArtCentre invites to attend free lectures on “Fate of cities in the times of post-traumatic changes” dedicated to the topic of the city space memory and what role history plays in its formation.

Despite the inextricable connection between memory and history, there is a fundamental difference: memory, being an emotional experience of the past, is sensitive to repressions and obliterations, to manipulations and distortions, whilst history is a reconstruction based on the “traces”, documents and evidence and tends to be more of an intellectual act. While an utopian mission history is to find the truth, memory conserves recollections and feelings.

As a result of the historical turmoil, the fall of the modernist projects in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the end of the attempt for collective emancipation of the Western countries, and the radical changes in the urban landscape caused by all of this - the national and personal identification undergo dramatic changes. Drawing on the works of the Future Generation Art Prize nominees dealing with the post-revolutionary and post-conflict transformation, post-colonial and post-socialist reality, this series of lectures offer to reflect on the subjects of sites of memory and nostalgia problematics - an integral part of the present day which is filled with temptation of imaginary “truth of life” and a longing for the past.

Program coordinator – Valeria Karpan, the PinchukArtCentre tour guide.

All lectures will be held on the 9th, 14th and 16th of April, in the PinchukArtCentre Educational Space on the 5th floor, starting at 19:00. Admission is free.

Due to limited number of seats advance registration is mandatory. Please, register by calling +380 44 590 08 58. Event participants are allowed into the art centre without queuing.

For Attention of the Mass Media:
all accreditation requests must be sent to e-mail [email protected]

Upcoming lectures:

Thursday, April 9, 19:00
“Building capitalism in Kyiv: national revival of privatization through mimicking the antique”
Lecturer: Kateryna Ruban, New York University PhD student, member of the Center for Visual Culture, Soviet history researcher.

Tuesday, April 14, 19:00
“Transformation of public space and its redefinition practices in a post-socialist city”
Lecturer: Ihor Tyshchenko, city researcher. PG student of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy, works at the Center for the study of society

Thursday, April 16, 19:00
“The imperial in the urban memory of modern Kyiv”
Lecturer: Olha Martynyuk, historian, teacher at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, community activist and translator.