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Anatoliy Belov

Born 1977 in Kyiv, Ukraine, where he currently lives and works. He received degrees from the Republican Taras Shevchenko Art School and the National Technical University of Ukraine. He has been a member of the artists groups R.E.P., Penoplast and Emblika Quali. Belov participated in residencies of the Centre for Contemporary Art founded by George Soros in Kyiv (2005) and the Rotor association for contemporary art in Graz (2009).

Through his drawings and paintings, Anatoliy Belov reveals an uncensored freedom of fictional and autobiographical narratives, developing a world of unbridled sexual exploration. Using the artistic medium as a weapon in the personal struggle of a homosexual within a closed homophobic society, Belov appears as a lost romantic dreaming of freedom and love.

Recent exhibitions:

2013 - “Ukrainan News”, CSW Zamek Ujazdowsky, Warsaw, Poland

2012 – “Ukrainian Body”,  Visual Culture Research Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

2011 -  Anca Lazar and Monika Szewczyk project “Podróż na Wschód” (Journey to the East), Galeria Arsenał, Białystok, Poland

2010 -  Participation in the “If”  project curated by Ekaterina Degot. Graphics installation, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia.

With a new work produced by the PinchukArtCentre, Belov makes a leap in his artistic oeuvre, combining for the first time his practices as a writer, musician and visual artist into a “short-film musical”. This film, a romantic story of love and failure, becomes the poetic expression of an existing underground subculture loaded with emotional and political awareness.