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Belorusets Yevgenia

Born 1980, in Kyiv, Ukraine. She lives and works in Kyiv and Berlin. Belorusets received a master degree in literature from Kyiv National Linguistic University, a diploma in documentary photography from the Viktor Marushchenko Photography School and she completed a PhD seminar group at Vienna University. Belorusets founded the journal for literature and art Prostory in 2008 and became a member of the curatorial group Hudrada in 2009.

Using the strategies of investigative journalism, Yevgenia Belorusets deeply infiltrates her chosen subjects, creating highly selective documentary reports of real-life topics. Her photographs are narrative, semi-composed images, which reflect and represent hidden social realities and complex social structures.

Recent exhibitions:

2013 – “Ukrainian News”, Ujazdowski castle, Warsaw, Poland  

2013 – “Court experiment”, SIZ Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia          

2012 – “Interim Days: Tbilisi”, Academy of Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia         

2012 – “The Disputed territory”, Sevastopol Art Museum in Crimea, Ukraine  

2012 – “Queerfest 2012”, Center Tajga, Saint Petersburg.

For the exhibition of the 20 shortlisted artists for the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2013 Belorusets has made multiple trips into the Carpathians, a mountain region known for its unspoiled natural beauty and traditional way of life. Her project developed into an intriguing photographic journey enriched with textual elements: a portrait of life in this part of Ukraine that reveals an unexpected hardness. The people portrayed seem in danger of being deprived of their pride and dignity, imprisoned by folkloric traditions.