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12 December 2009
Author: Serhiy Klymko
8 December 2009
Author: Dmytro Desiateryk
Source: Day
13 November 2009
Author: Елена НАСТЮК
Source: Киевский телеграф
9 November 2009
Author: Божена Городницька
Source: «Сумно?»
6 November 2009

Leading international curators and artists, members of the PinchukArtCentre Prize jury, Francesco Bonami, Jessica Morgan, Boris Mykhailov and Serhiy Bratkov talk to the TOP 10 about the criteria they will base on while selecting the Prize winners and their search for a new avant-garde

Author: Алиса Ложкина
Source: ТОП 10
6 November 2009
Source: ТОП 10
4 November 2009
Author: Алиса Ложкина
Source: Топ 10
4 November 2009
Author: Afisha
3 November 2009
Author: Олена МУРАВЕЛЬ
Source: Ukraina Moloda
2 November 2009
Author: Сергей Марьин
Source: Izvestia in Ukraine
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