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22 May 2014
Author: Валерія Корчевська
Source: Україна Молода
20 May 2014
Author: Павел ЛУЖЕЦКИЙ
20 May 2014
Author: Дмитро Десятерик
Source: День
19 May 2014

Kiev art life slowly returns to the pre-revolutionary norm. Quantity of events is back to prior density, but their quality and meaningfulness have increased significantly. It seems these days everyone commit to what they do with all seriousness and responsibility.


Author: Ольга Балашова, арт-критик "Украинской правды. Жизнь"
Source: Ukrainian Pravda
16 May 2014
Author: Катерина Константинова
Source: Дзеркало тижня. Україна
26 March 2014
Author: Татьяна Лысун
17 February 2014
Author: Валентина КЛИМЕНКО
Source: Україна молода
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