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Yevgen Samborsky0Mb, 1Min

Yevgen Samborsky works closely with people from outside the art milieu, and gets them involved in art processes. This practice bears upon relational aesthetics: the artist sets up a context and serves as a moderator who invites other persons to participate.

The exposition showcases Yevgen Samborsky’s experience of creative collaboration with various at-risk groups: children from the center of social and psychological rehabilitation, psychiatric ward inmates, and Roma settlements. As the result of each interaction, the artist and his interlocutors create paintings, drawings or sculptures together. The artist records these collaborations in his documentary films. Each collaborative act becomes an opportunity to explore himself and other people, highlighting human fragility.

The artist resorts to this practice by inviting his father, an alienated man with few social ties, to create art together. The father and son create a sculpture of the father as a young man. Shared experience and participatory practice that the artist has used as therapy for others help him to overcome his own childhood traumas.

Exhibition of 20 shortlisted artists for the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2018
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