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Yulia Krivich0Mb, 1Min

The title of the Daring Youth series that Yulia Krivich has been working on since 2015 refers to an eponymous hooligan gang she met a few years ago. The young people in the photographs are hoolies, war veterans and political activists of the right-wing movement, and yet they belong to the globalized youth culture: they travel, party, ride their bikes, and curate their image on social networks, including Instagram, which has become an instrument of self-promotion.

In the exposition, the series is united with an art book inspired by library records found in the library of the Ilyich Palace of Culture (Dnipro), documenting Leninist propaganda among the youth. Using the library record as her starting point, the artist creates an art book that unites her own photographs, snapshots from “her protagonists’” Instagram accounts, and slogans from the log, juxtaposing Soviet and present-day instruments of propaganda.

Exhibition of 20 shortlisted artists for the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2018
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