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6 November 2008
Author: Ylia Burmistrova
Source: Частный Корреспондент
5 November 2008
Author: Ylia Burmistrova
Source: Частний Корреспондент
5 November 2008
Author: Ylia Burmistrova
Source: Частний Корреспондент
30 April 2008

Ukrainian collector, businessman, former politician and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk is one of the most significant collectors of the former USSR, and certainly the most important in Ukraine. His foundation, which comprises numerous activities such as a healthcare program focusing on neonatal centers, educational initiatives, the Kyiv school of economics and more, is all part of a general push to help modernize the country

Author: Chris Sharp
Source: Flash Art
30 January 2008

Exhibitions that feature both local and international art have become increasingly common as centers of contemporary art open in places previously considered peripheral, providing opportunities to see works by artists from different parts of the world side by side

Author: Marek Bartelik
1 October 2007

Ukrainian businessman Victor Pinchuk's art collection includes works by Carsten Holler, Xavier Veilhan and Olafur Eliasson, among others. In Seplember 2006, he opened the first contemporary art center in the Ukraine

Source: Air France Magazine
15 June 2007

The 52nd Venice Biennale is enough to make any British art-lover proud. While Tracey Emin may be the official representative at this Olympics of the contemporary art world, a waterbus ride through the city canals reveals dozens more

Author: Evening Standard
2 June 2007

As modern art's four key events prepare to open, Alastair Sooke previews the first - the Venice Biennale

Source: Daily Telegraph
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