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23 March 2012

The shutting down of an exhibition in Kiev last month became something of a performance art piece in its own right

Author: Ginanne Brownell
8 February 2012

The second edition of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s Future Generation Art Prize, worth $100,000, was launched this week with a press conference streamed live on The Art Newspaper’s website and moderated by our founding editor Anna Somers Cocks. Applications for the award are now available online at until 6 May, with the winner due to be chosen in December.

Source: The Art Newspaper
10 October 2011

In a rare interview, Victor Pinchuk tells us about his plans to build a new contemporary art space in Kiev

Author: Cristina Ruiz
Source: The Art Newspaper
17 June 2011

Victor Pinchuk grew up in Soviet-era Ukraine, first in Kiev and then in the eastern town of Dnipropetrovsk, where queues for food and goods were a dreary facet of everyday life

Author: Jan Dalley
Source: Financial Times
17 June 2011

I’ve been lucky to go to Venice many times, and every time it has involved boats. In 1993 the exhibition “Tresor de Voyages” was set in the Armenian Monastery of the island of San Lazzaro

Author: Antoine “Tony” Guerrero
9 June 2011

The 2011 Venice Biennale started with the Venice equivalent of a transit strike resulting in a nightmarish journey that turned a 30-minute trip into a three-and-one-half-hour ordeal

Author: Arlene Cohrs, Susan Hayden
6 June 2011

The 54th is not the best of Venice Biennales, nor the worst. It must be the biggest ever

Author: Martin Gayford
Source: Bloomberg
4 June 2011

Sir Elton John swept from his speedboat on the Grand Canal into a magnificent palazzo full of new international art and beamed like a proud parent at a school prizegiving. He greeted his host, a Ukrainian billionaire, bought one of the hulking concrete sculptures in the foyer and ascended the stairs to meet a young Brazilian artist who recently won a new art prize that Sir Elton helps to run.

Author: Ben Hoyle
Source: The Times
4 June 2011

Talk to anyone at the Biennale, and one of the first things you'll hear is a reference to the sheer volume of artwork on display. "I haven't seen that yet," or "I didn't get that far" are common refrains

3 June 2011

The Venice Biennale is where you see the artworld for what it is – in all its monstrousness and magnificence

Author: Charlotte Higgins
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