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27 February 2015
9 December 2014

Collector Victor Pinchuk denounces “repressive regimes” in eastern Ukraine at art awards ceremony

Author: Simon Hewitt
Source: The Art Newspaper
28 October 2014
Author: Kate Sutton
30 May 2014

Given the headlines from Ukraine over the past half-year—with Kiev's Independence Square, also known as Maidan, seeing months of protests and violence lead to President Viktor Yanukovych fleeing the country in February, followed by Russia's widely condemned annexation of the Crimea region—flying into Kiev in mid-May was a slightly worrying proposition.

Author: Matthew Shen Goodman
Source: Art in America
24 May 2014

A WEEK before Ukraine’s anticipated elections, PinchukArtCentre, located in central Kyiv just a few minutes walk from the city’s Maidan Square, opened coinciding solo shows by three young Ukrainian artists: Nikita KadanZhanna Kadyrova, and Artem Volokitin.

Author: Сaroline Busta
20 May 2014

Despite Russia-fueled separatist violence in the East and the country’s uncertain future, Ukraine finds room for art.

Author: Katya Soldak
15 May 2014

Auf dem Maidan in Kiew engagierten sich viele Künstler. Sie hofften auf einen heiteren und kreativen Protest und kämpften für eine moderne Zivilgesellschaft. Inzwischen bereiten sie sich auf einen Krieg vor. Von Georg Diez 


Source: Der Spiegel
5 May 2014
Three Ukrainian artists look at the philosophical roots of the country’s crisis in an exhibition at the Pinchuk Art Centre


Author: Sophia Kishkovsky
Source: The Art Newspaper
13 January 2014

Lesya Prokopenko reports from the award ceremony of the 2013 edition

Author: Lesya Prokopenko
Source: FlashArt
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