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19 June 2013

Every two years, the art world gathers in Venice to see and be seen. This time, it’s not just the established who get a look-in, says an enthralled Rachel Campbell-Johnston.

Author: Rachel Campbell-Johnston
Source: The Times (United Kingdom)
19 June 2013

Jeremy Deller throws a raucously drunken party; Marc Quinn's blow-up Alison Lapper is in the critics' crosshairs, while money grows on trees.

Author: Charlotte Higgins
Source: The Guardian (United Kingdom)
21 May 2013

As part of the China China exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu are showing their performance installation Seeing Is Not An Option, which explores the tension between collective thinking and individuality; social pressure and independence. The pair explored similar themes in their installation Teenager Teenager.

Source: Euronews
20 May 2013

Despite extreme differences and few economic and political ties between them, Ukraine and China are connected by art.

Author: Katya Soldak
30 April 2013

The finalists are Laure Prouvost, Tino Sehgal, David Shrigley and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

Author: Julia Halperin
Source: The Art Newspaper
28 March 2013

The results of the second edition of the Fu­ture Generation Art Prize were made known at the Kiev Planetarium in December 2012. After a short webcam introduction by jury members Massimiliano Gioni and Hans Ul­rich Obrist, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and Agnaldo Farias announced five Special Prize winners: Marwa Arsanios, Rayyane Tabet, Mi­col Assaël, Jonathas de Andrade and Ahmet Ögüt. In the end, Victor Pinchuk generously declared that the sum of the Special Prize was to be slightly increased because of the number of winners. He followed up with a genuine gender-bending joke to congratulate the ear­lier announced Main Prize winner, artist and writer Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.

Author: Lesya Prokopenko
Source: Flash Art Magazine
15 March 2013

There are some kinds of art that only museums or the very rich can collect. Among these are major pieces of “light art,” usually made by sculpting light in very large natural or industrial spaces.

Author: Charles Darwent
Source: Barron's Magazine
22 February 2013

Dinos Chapman, purveyor of infernal images that make your flesh crawl, has made his first album

Author: Peter Aspden
22 January 2013
Author: Anael Pigeat
Source: Artpress, №397
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