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4 December 2013

Открыта выставка номинантов Pinchuk Art Centre Prize 2013

Author: Анна ТОЛСТОВА
Source: Коммерсант.ру
2 December 2013
Victor Pinchuk and his wife Elena fund show in Kiev with new work by Nan Goldin and Tony Oursler
Author: Julia Halperin
Source: The Art Newspaper
27 November 2013

We're live streaming Tony Oursler's contemporary art project on HIV/AIDS for the next three nights

Source: DAZED Digital
4 November 2013

Victor Pinchuk, the Ukrainian billionaire, has no qualms with offending the guests of his private museum, the Pinchuk Arts Centre, in the heart of Kiev.

Author: Simon Shuster
Source: TIME
18 October 2013

Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk launched his third $100,000 Future Generation Art Prize (for young talent) at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, the new scene-shaper by Zaha Hadid.

Author: Farah Nayeri
9 August 2013

The Future Generation Art Prize was launched in 2009 and is the first global art prize to discover, recognize and give long term support to an emerging cohort of artists. Produced by the PinchukArtCentre which is supported by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, if I had to pick just one thing to see in Venice this year, It would be this show.

Author: Sarah Hyde
5 August 2013

An exhibition of 11 Chinese artists, ingenuously entitled as ChinaChina, is currently on show at Ukraine’s primary center of contemporary arts. Valentin Dyakonov (ВАЛЕНТИН Ъ-ДЬЯКОНОВ) marveled at an elephant’s gait of the Chinese authors.

Author: Валентин Дьяконов
Source: Коммерсантъ Россия
27 July 2013

Why the Ukrainian likes Jeff Koons, Sergey Bratkov and Olafur Eliasson

Author: Kelly Crow
Source: The Wall Street Journal
15 July 2013

It is hardly surprising that such an impressive introduction to the Chinese art scene is not being displayed in Beijing. That it is to be found in Kiev, however, is perhaps equally unexpected. Eleven Chinese artists have provided installations for the exhibit at the Pinchuk Art Centre, with more than half of them presenting brand new works. Taken together, they are a striking journey through the cutting edge of contemporary Chinese art, proving it has a depth well beyond the well-known works of Ai Weiwei.

Source: The Independent
1 July 2013

Where to go — and what to say — when the art world invades Venice

Author: Oscar Humphries
Source: The Spectator
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