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4 June 2014

From June 12, 2014, the PinchukArtCentre launches a new educational programme entitled “Imaginarium” for children aged 8-10 years. 

3 June 2014

The PinchukArtCentre launches a new series of classes “Come together!” intended for the families with 5-7 year-old children.

29 May 2014

On Saturday, June 7, at 15:00 the PinchukArtCentre invites to a performance by Alevtina Kakhidze in the framework of her solo show “TV Studios / Rooms without Doors” that opened a new exhibitions series of the “PAC-UA Re-consideration”. 

21 May 2014

Starting from May 24, 2014, the PinchukArtCentre invites 4-5 year olds to participate in a new edition of the educational program Color Bubbles. The program is designed to promote better understanding of the art language, to acquaint children with a variety of contemporary art practices, to develop aesthetic sense and encourage creativity in them.

20 May 2014

On Wednesday, 21 May 2014, at 19:00 Björn Geldhof, the PinchukArtCentre’s Deputy Artistic Director, will guide a curatorial tour of the exhibition “Fear and Hope” - a group exhibition of three Ukrainian artists: Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova and Artem Volokitin, the Main Prize Winners of the PinchukArtCentre Prize since 2009.

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